Sunday, February 17, 2013

Taming the Beast

Yesterday Kristy and I went into town and she bought a new weave at a store. When we had finished shopping, we went to her cousin's salon to get it put in. I was pretty excited to watch since I had never seen it done before. After wincing in pain on her behalf for a little while (glad I don't have to do that!), one of the stylists asked if she could wash and blow out my hair. I asked how much for a a trim too, and she said a trim was free with a $65 wash/blow-out (about USD$8), so I said sure. I was a bit nervous about the blowout, because I normally don't let a dryer within ten feet of my hair (as most of you know, I end up looking like I just stepped off the set of The Lion King). I needen't have worried, however, because it turned out awesome! I have NEVER been able to get my hair this straight without using a flat iron. I only wish it would last past the next wash! Oh, well.
Who knew Africa was the place to tame my wild, Irish hair?

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