Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How Africa Does Sports

So today was the first day of sports training at Onamutai. The sport: Athletics, or as we call it Stateside, Track and Field. Here's what it entailed: the entire student body and faculty of Onamutai SS leaving school at 2:00 and walking to the soccer field about a kilometer away. Then we broke up into three groups and spread out across the field. There, each group of students was broken down further by gender and age range. Each group was called for a warm up run of 100 meters, and then they did it again, and this time the first four in each group that finished had their name recorded.From what I gather, we will repeat this process on Thursday, and then have an in-house competition on Friday to determine the final cut. I'm not really sure what the list was for though. It was quite a sight to see 400 learners running in groups across a barren field in their uniforms and socks (easier to run in than their school shoes, I guess).

I'll tell you one interesting thing though about sports here, the learners do not seem interested at all. The teachers were saying that most students just goof off during the training and they have to force many of them to participate, even once the final team is set. Quite a contrast to America, where sports is about the only school related thing you don't have to force students to do...

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