Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello, Oshili Nawa

With only a few days left in Namibia, I decided it was time to say ohsili nawa (goodbye) to all the things I will miss (as well as some things that I will not) and hello to the things that I am looking forward to seeing/having/experiencing again (and those that I am not). So here goes.

Oshili nawa Onamutai, my learners, my colleagues. Oshili nawa sand, open spaces, bakkie rides, sun, heat, cold showers, laundry by hand, Oshikandela, braais, boerwors, Salitcrax, shebeens, open markets, Hunters, Urbock, mango juice, cheap mangos, cheap clothes,  Zebros, Oshiwambo, kapana, the smell of cooking meat permeating the air, taxis, gravel roads, memes in their pink dresses, tates with their walking sticks, "eehh", mahangu porridge, Southern hemisphere stars, BPU, pilots,  being the only white person in sight, catcalls, combis, dunes, giraffes, elephants, zebras, springbok (both the animal and the shot...),TK, Paulson, Kristy, Iimene, Vincent, Dina, Jan, Johnny, the girls, cows, donkeys, goats, pigs everywhere, my house, a 30 second commute, classrooms with windows, outdoor hallways, being a foreigner, and traveling. Oshili nawa to my home for the past year, I will be back-- nothing can keep me away forever.

Hello hot showers, washing machines, snow, cold air, driving, Chipotle, Chinese food, beef stew, real salads, fast internet, my bed, Boston, the ocean, the lake, iced coffee, coffee shops, Dunkins, take out pizza, American education, hearing English, too many choices, fresh milk, Cabin Fever, Woodchuck, Bacardi, apple cider, maple syrup, Target, the smell of winter, foliage, skiing, TV, recycling, calling kids 'students', fast paced life, sarcasm, and of course Mom, Dad, Ben, Kelly, Pam, Alli, friends and family all over.

Check back soon for one last post of assorted pictures (when I have decent internet again). Until then, Happy Holidays everyone, and I hope to see you when I'm stateside. =)